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Debt Markets simplified | Nov 07, 2022
Dynamic bond funds

Bond Funds That Play “Duration” For Capital AppreciationDynamic, meaning it can change according to your requirements. But, you might be wondering how such a word can apply in the context of investments.Before understanding Dynamic Bond Funds’, we....

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Debt Markets simplified | Aug 16, 2022
Where can debt fund investors invests?

Where can debt mutual fund investors invest in a rising interest rate scenario?The Reserve Bank of India, in its bi-monthly monetary policy held in June, hiked its key interest rate by 50 bps. This comes on the back of a 40 bps hike done between t....

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Debt Markets simplified | May 30, 2022
Debt Mutual Fund Terms To Know Before Investing

5 Debt Mutual Fund Terms That You Need to Know Before InvestingWith the low-interest rates on traditional saving instruments, many individuals are looking at different investment options to protect their capital and earn stable returns. Debt mu....

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Debt Markets simplified | Feb 15, 2022
What Debt fund means to investors

Everything You Wanted to Know About Franklin Templeton Winding 6 Funds In the last few days, debt funds and Franklin Templeton have been news. This has resulted in panic among debt fund investors. In this article, we will explain the scena....

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Debt Markets simplified | Dec 15, 2021
What are Target maturity funds

Want inflation-beating predictable returns? Check out Target Maturity Funds Are you looking for a mutual fund that gives you predictable returns without stock market investments? You may look at target maturity funds. Target maturity fun....

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Debt Markets simplified | Aug 10, 2021
Should i repay debt or invest?

Confused between paying off debt and investing? Here’s how to do it All of us have financial goals. While some want to buy a house, few would want to travel the world. And there are broadly two ways through which you can fulfil these goals i....

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Debt Markets simplified | Jun 21, 2021
Overnight funds

All You Need to Know About Overnight Mutual Funds Did you know you can invest in a mutual fund for a day? Yes, you can invest for a day in an overnight fund. What are Overnight Mutual Funds? Overnight fund is a type of debt fund that inv....

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Debt Markets simplified | Mar 17, 2021
Duration Fund

Why You Should Care About Duration Funds? Have you ever wonder what strategies do debt fund managers use to generate returns? Accrual Strategy and Duration Strategy are the two strategies that are used to manage debt funds. Broadly speaking,....

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Debt Markets simplified | Mar 08, 2021
Different types of Debt Mutual Funds

A Primer on the Different types of Debt Mutual Funds Are you scared of investing in mutual funds because it invests in the equity markets? Most of us assume that investing in mutual funds is akin to investing in the stock market. However, th....

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Debt Markets simplified | Feb 05, 2021
Credit Risk Funds

Credit Risk Funds: Features & How to Invest Most of us are aware of the different types of equity funds. Large cap funds, small cap funds and mid-cap funds are some popular categories of equity funds. However, many individuals are no....

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Debt Markets simplified | Feb 03, 2021
Covered Bonds

Should You Invest in Covered Bonds? Everyone seems to be talking about covered bonds. The increase in the demand for these instruments is clear. As per the ICRA’s report, Indian issuers have sold covered bonds worth Rs. 2,218 crores in FY2021....

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Debt Markets simplified | Feb 01, 2021
Corporate Bonds

What are Corporate Bond Funds? Companies need to raise funds to carry out their operations. While many of us aware of the stock markets, corporate bond market is another way to raise funds. Corporate bonds are securities issued by corporate....

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Debt Markets simplified | Jan 29, 2021
Debt funds are now more secure with new regulation

Worried about investing in debt funds? Debt funds are now safer In the last few months, there has been a lot of volatility in the debt market. For many investors, investing in debt mutual funds was riskier than equity funds. In all started w....

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Debt Markets simplified | May 08, 2020
Why Arbitrage Funds are favorites among investor for a decade?

Lets dig in arbitrage fund by understanding their Key Benefits. - Arbitrage funds rank high in pecking order when it comes to safety of capital. The objective of the fund is to create market neutral position by buying a stock in cash marke....

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