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SIP | Sep 01, 2023
The Ultimate Guide to Top up SIPs

The Ultimate Guide to Top-up SIPs: Why Every Investor Should Consider this Smart StrategyIntroductionInvesting in mutual funds through a Systematic Investment Plan (SIP) has gained tremendous popularity among young investors. It offers a disciplin....

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SIP | Apr 17, 2023
Sustainable development is the future. Do you know how you can be a part of it?

Sustainable development is the future. Do you know how you can be a part of it?India is witnessing the highest rise in carbon emissions as per COP27, which is a great concern for the government and the citizens. However, the positive thing is that....

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SIP | Dec 24, 2021
Want to know your SIP returns? Calculate it using

Want to know your SIP returns? Calculate it in 3 Simple steps using XIRR Do you invest in mutual funds through a Systematic Investment Plan (SIP)? Or, do you invest in mutual funds from time to time? For most of us, investments and redemptio....

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SIP | Sep 27, 2021
Three features - SIP, STP and SWP

The three systematic ways to manage mange your investment and withdrawal: Raise your hand if you have ever heard about SIP? However, do you know everything that you should know about SIP? In this article, we will dig deep to understand how S....

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SIP | Sep 20, 2021
Tax on SIP

Know how SIP investments taxed For the last few years, Systematic Investment Plans (SIPs) have become one of the popular ways to invest in the markets through mutual funds. However, before the reintroduction of Long-Term Capital Gains (LTCG) ....

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SIP | Aug 30, 2021
SIP and present bias

How SIP takes care of Present Bias? You must have heard about the Systematic Investment Plan and the importance of setting up a SIP. But what is the reason behind Systematic Investment Plan or automating your savings and investments? This ....

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SIP | Aug 16, 2021
Should You continue or stop your SIP?

Recently the data published in one of the new websites said that `New SIP growth falls 61% from April to December.` What does it mean? Does it mean that investment through SIPs is no longer attractive? Does it mean that Investors are moving awa....

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SIP | Jun 21, 2021
Myths of SIP

Top 6 Common SIP Myths Systematic Investment Plan (SIP) is on everyone`s lips. The various campaigns done by the mutual fund companies and industry has ushered SIP revolution in the country. According to the data from the industry trade ....

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SIP | May 19, 2021
How to calculate SIP returns

How to Calculate SIP Returns? There is no doubt that Systematic Investment Plans (SIP) has become one of the popular means to invest in mutual funds. After setting up an SIP, the investors invest a pre-determined amount of money at regular i....

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SIP | May 17, 2021
Home Loan EMI Vs SIP

Combination of EMI and SIP can save you lot of money What if your Home loan tenure is reduced without increasing EMI, even if the interest rate remains the same? Sounds interesting? Read it. In year 2010, I bought the flat into the Ahmeda....

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SIP | Mar 09, 2021
Different Types of SIPs

What are the Different Types of SIPs? “Success isn’t always about greatness. It’s about consistency. Consistent hard work leads to success. Greatness will come.” – Dwayne Johnson It requires consistency to achieve a lot of things in life. S....

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