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Personal Finance | Feb 24, 2023
Mind your money : How your mindset impacts your finances

Mind Your Money: How Your Mindset Impacts Your FinancesMoney might be a tricky topic. Want to know what makes an individual successful with their money? It`s their Money Mindset. Your money mindset can affect every aspect of your financial life, f....

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Personal Finance | Jan 16, 2023
How To Convince Your Parent to Invest

How To Convince Your Parent to Invest?In an era of rising inflation, traditional investment schemes like FDs, Sovereign gold bonds, and savings bank accounts are not providing the returns you need to beat the inflation rate. You might invest in in....

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Personal Finance | Oct 10, 2022
How to get excited about savings?

How to get excited about savings?Everyone wants to have some savings, but most are unable to achieve their goals, primarily because the journey can be lengthy and monotonous because it requires discipline. You can, however, change this by making t....

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Personal Finance | Sep 12, 2022
What is inflation?

What is inflation? Inflation refers to the hike in the prices of goods and services in an economy over time. The hike in prices signifies that purchasing power of the currency reduces or fewer goods and services can be purchased with the sam....

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Personal Finance | Apr 18, 2022
How couples can invest in Mutual Funds

4 Things That Couples Should Keep in Mind While Investing In Mutual Funds If you are married, you may spend a lot of time with your better half, helping them solve their problems, planning vacations or just relaxing at home. However, coup....

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Personal Finance | Apr 01, 2022
5 Things To Do At The Start Of The Financial Year

5 Things To Do At The Start Of The Financial Year The new financial year 2022-2023 is here. If you want to become disciplined with your finances, doing certain things at the start of a new financial year can simplify your financial planning n....

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Personal Finance | Jan 25, 2022
Why being a miser in these 3 aspects is not a good idea.

From our childhood, we are taught not to waste money and always go for the cheapest available option. But not all things that appear to be expensive are bad for your pocket. Some of the things have far fetching positive impacts, help us save us....

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Personal Finance | Jan 11, 2022
Top 5 Financial mistakes of investors.

5 top financial mistakes to stay away from To err is human. We make mistakes all the time, whether it is our professional life or personal life. These mistakes help us to make the right decisions. We also make a number of financial mistake....

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Personal Finance | Nov 03, 2021
Money lessons from Diwali

4 Money Lessons from Diwali Diwali is the festival of lights, and we all celebrate Diwali with lot of pomp and enthusiasm. Families clean homes, get together, exchange gifts, light lamps, etc. It is also the time when many people make big ti....

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Personal Finance | Sep 15, 2021
Steps to never run out of money

Simple Steps to Never Run Out of MoneyDo you earn a handsome amount of money but have no clue where your money goes? Do you run out of money every month?This blog is about the best ways of staying in control of your finances and never run out of m....

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Personal Finance | Jun 01, 2021
Lessons from Yoga

5 Investment Lessons from Yoga Most of us are aware of yoga and its multiple benefits. Theseadvantages of yoga have made it popular among individuals in different stages of their life. Regular and correct yoga practice can boost physical and....

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Personal Finance | Mar 26, 2021
Financial Strategy in lockdown

Things to Do To Build a Stronger Financial Base during Lockdown Staying inside the house is the best thing to do in the current scenario. While staying indoors may be frustrating for many people, it can be used to put a few areas of your lif....

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Personal Finance | Mar 24, 2021
Financial Mistakes

Are you a Mutual Fund Investor? Don`t Make These 4 Financial Mistakes "The proactive approach to a mistake is to acknowledge it instantly, correct and learn from it." - Stephen Covey To err is human. We all make mistakes in different ....

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Personal Finance | Mar 23, 2021
Financial Minimalisation

Financial Minimalism and Financial Freedom Most of us strive to be financially independent. While financial freedom may look differe/nt for different individuals, we all want to have multiple options at our hands. And the dream to retire ....

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Personal Finance | Mar 22, 2021
Financial Compatibility

Are You Financially Compatible With Your Partner? The wedding season is in full swing. Indian marriages are not just the marriage of two individuals but the entire family. While we tend to focus on the annual package and family’s financial si....

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Personal Finance | Jan 29, 2021
Corona virus and investment

Coronavirus: How to prepare for uncertain times Uncertainty is a fact of life. There are many situations outside our control and these events can hurt your investments. While controlling the markets may be out of our reach, we can easily plan....

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